Your life will changed after having a child. Not only financially and your lifestyle, but most importantly yourself. A big transition from being single to a mother for another human being, It will take time to adapt. The only way to ease the transition is to share it.

When I become a mother, I couldn’t find a place to share my feeling. Everyone around me are very happy to have a child, their so well together. Its so easy to find a ‘perfect mother picture’, clean house, beautiful dress, ready to go hair and happy smiling babies everywhere in the media. As I learn, the reality as mother is the opposite. Less slepp, sore nipples, messy house, babies whos sometime scream, and loosing my self as part of the deal.

Haloibu aim to create a non judgemental space for mothers to share their loving and complex journey. A safetynet for mothers to share their stories, and to be listened. Mothers are the key that shape the future generation. If mothers are not happy, they could not nurture their offspring with love.

Doesn’t matter how you give birth and decide to raise your child, if you’re a mother, were in this together. You’re my tribe.

I hope after watching haloibu, you could feel better about yourself !

Much Love


#haloibu is a Loving Motherhood Journey community by Ashtra Effendy.
Halo ibu started as a youtube channel to empower mothers on nourishing their self, child, and partner by living the life they love. As it grows, haloibu.id hope to nurture with pictures, articles, videos and events on celebrating the complexity and loving journey of motherhood.

If you have any question, inquiries, or just want to share, were on it! Lets Keep in touch:

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